Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Limers

Winner was a quiet little town. There were no burglaries, robberies, etc. People lived together in harmony. Neighbors helped each other, and when introduced to someone new all greeted him warmly. That was also the case for the Limers. The Limers were quite strange, could not go outside during the day, dressed in black. But the townspeople were very tolerant. One day the children of Kelenów inferred that Limerowie are vampires! Decided to follow this family. When the Limers heard about it did not get angry, on the contrary! They invited state Kelenów together to explain the matter. It turned out that their son is sick and harm his sunlight. As for bags, it's actually there is blood, an ambulance because there is no space to store them. Walking around dressed in black, because three months ago your father died, and polymer are in mourning. It would seem that all doubts were dispelled the Kelens' children, but it was not. Siblings decided that tonight will see the window in the basement of what they are doing Limerowie. The night was quiet, and when the state the Kelens' children have slept quietly slipped out of the house. They walked carefully. Finally, they reached the mysterious dwelling neighbors. Furtively looked out the window in the basement. It only confirmed what they saw them in his conviction. Opposite the window stood Mrs. polymer, and her husband poured it into a glass of blood! At this point, the son came home. In his mouth was visible blood. The boy turned to the children's neighbors: "You want to play with me?"