Monday, February 21, 2011

Precognition in the past

Precognition is the phenomenon has long been described in many legends of various peoples, including those in mythology. Most descriptions of the phenomenon appeared in the form of dreams or oracles. For example, the most famous of them could be used oracle at Delphi.
The Bible has many descriptions specific to precognition. The Old Testament has as many as 18 books considered to be prophetic, as an example could become a prophetic description of the Pharaoh's dreams Joseph interpreted the prophecy seven years of plenty and seven years of drought. The New Testament also has descriptions of such capabilities - the Holy Family fled to Egypt after a dream St. Joseph's warning before the massacre of the innocents that results from the wrath of Herod.

According to people involved in parapsychology currently documented example of precognition is the story of Morgan Robertson's Futility in 1898, which fits the description of the Titanic disaster. The author describes the history of the maiden voyage of the ship passenger liner called Titan, which, although it is considered to be unsinkable, going down after hitting an iceberg. Similar were the dimensions of both ships, and their capacity, the number of chimneys, turbines and propellers were identical. Ships are virtually identical. The same is also destiny, a catastrophic collision with an iceberg, which was exactly the same place in the Atlantic. Another explanation is simply a coincidence, and the fact that the author was a great connoisseur of sea and before writing the book long study conducted on this topic. You should also remember that after the disaster of the Titanic "by the changes made in the book, bringing out even more in the events of what happened in reality. In addition, many books of different authors can be traced back to elements of precognition.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


In parapsychology paranormal phenomena indicating knowledge of the events in the future, which can not be inferred from the current state of knowledge (which distinguishes them from predicting or forecasting), a concept closely related to clairvoyance.

Like all psychic matters, precognition is a controversial issue and is often objectionable to the scientific community, and even doubts among those involved in parapsychology. Question the existence of this phenomenon, as well as accuracy, or interpretation of the experiences of precognition.
Here's the position of parapsychology, which does not agree with most scientists.
Parapsychology phenomenon of precognition is divided into two levels:
personal - linked to the future of a particular person
ponadosobisty - on social phenomena, political, economic, natural, etc.
In addition, the ability of precognition is divided into:
immediate - ie, involving the ability to predict events that will occur in a very short time (few seconds)
distant in time - ie, involving the ability to predict events distant in time (eg the forthcoming year.)

The question of the existence of people with the ability of precognition is very controversial from a scientific point of view. While there are many historical and contemporary relationships of people who have had "visions" of future events, all of them are post-factum, and as such can not be regarded as convincing evidence for the existence of this phenomenon.

Founded in the UK and the U.S. Central Premonitions Registry is an institution dedicated to the collection of alleged or real vision for the future. The institution has existed since 1966. However, so far not been able to obtain a description of clairvoyance before the incident that actually took place later, as described clairvoyant person. There are numerous accounts only post factum - and the testimonies of witnesses (usually close friends and family members) claiming that he told his clairvoyant visions before the event actually took place.
Easier to scientific validation is the ability to anticipate events that take place in the near future. Many people in their everyday life is sometimes the impression that "knows" what was about to happen, but it is difficult to determine here is whether this "knowledge" comes from the ability to instantly, but the rational prediction what will happen, or whether it comes from "direct" contact with the not too distant future. The study deals with this phenomenon on a large scale such as Anomalous Princeton Engineering Research Center, which was founded in 1979 and has since carried out a one thousand various tests designed to examine this phenomenon. Many of the results of these experiments seems to confirm that in some situations, people tend to have an instant vision of the near future, which can not be rationally explained, but these results are still highly controversial and still debated in the literature.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Limers

Winner was a quiet little town. There were no burglaries, robberies, etc. People lived together in harmony. Neighbors helped each other, and when introduced to someone new all greeted him warmly. That was also the case for the Limers. The Limers were quite strange, could not go outside during the day, dressed in black. But the townspeople were very tolerant. One day the children of Kelenów inferred that Limerowie are vampires! Decided to follow this family. When the Limers heard about it did not get angry, on the contrary! They invited state Kelenów together to explain the matter. It turned out that their son is sick and harm his sunlight. As for bags, it's actually there is blood, an ambulance because there is no space to store them. Walking around dressed in black, because three months ago your father died, and polymer are in mourning. It would seem that all doubts were dispelled the Kelens' children, but it was not. Siblings decided that tonight will see the window in the basement of what they are doing Limerowie. The night was quiet, and when the state the Kelens' children have slept quietly slipped out of the house. They walked carefully. Finally, they reached the mysterious dwelling neighbors. Furtively looked out the window in the basement. It only confirmed what they saw them in his conviction. Opposite the window stood Mrs. polymer, and her husband poured it into a glass of blood! At this point, the son came home. In his mouth was visible blood. The boy turned to the children's neighbors: "You want to play with me?"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

In a hospital

apparently this has really happened in a psychiatric hospital. When the hospital was a small cottage where he lived gardener engaged in maintaining order around the hospital. One day the doctor came to the hospital, who was on duty daily. She was seventh in the morning. He expected to find in a hospital of their colleagues from work, who should finish the night shift. but he did not find them there. They do not find anyone. The interior looked like a hospital after inwazjii some creatures from outer space. for doctors in the room was empty. Rooms were also completely empty. All the shelves of medicines were overturned, glazed windows were not broken .. the doctor could not understand where the floor is so much glass, but not only returned his attention ... on the walls (only on the walls) were traces of blood ... and it looked like the wounded men could hardly looked back on the walls and not being able to find it for unknown reasons not only landed on the floor, as if collapsing under her ... There was not one dead body. The doctor somehow mastered the horror and picked up the tape. He ran from the hospital and ran to the police. There he gave testimony. Found on the tape have been recorded by someone terrified screams of patients and staff! Summoned for questioning the gardener, but claimed he had not heard and did not notice anything unusual last night around the hospital. No one will ever guess what happened in this building. People from the area suspect the gardener out loud, but they probably do not know what, because it's "work" does not seem to "work" zwyłego mortal. Gardener has never been proven guilty, and the hospital still stands intact today.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Children of the devil

One evening Eva returning from school, she saw the gate. It blew a silent cooling wind roared in my ears the voice of "Come to me." "Do not go!" - I thought the girl, and turned away. She ran to the house, because the voice in his ears was getting louder and louder... When you come to the door of the house the sounds ceased. Came home. Nothing interesting happened. The dog jumped merrily wagging his tail. Ela Join now wondering what could be the voice. With curiosity, decided to go there. Ceased to be afraid but do not believe in such nonsense about ghosts... She's gone. The city was dark, take a closer look to gmachom building. She saw the words written in chalk 'DEVIL LIVES HERE. "Probably some kids wygłupiały and so have written." At this point, things have gotten brighter, the clouds is away, but in my ears heard the girl scream, screech. Numb with fear. But not giving up. She walked through the gate. She walked through the corridor, and at the end saw the exit to the garden. Heard me squeals and screams of small children at play. "And yet here is not so bad" - she thought and she went on. She saw a girl of her age-were two. Jumped, danced. One had a doll in his hand. The sad, crying. Eva for a while it seemed that the doll asks for help, but it could not be true. Girls stopped. One of them smiled. One gesture meant that Eva came to her. Now were playing together. After a short time, two girls led Eva home for dinner. Readily agreed, and when it exceeds the threshold of the house saw the piles of dolls. All the weeping, contorted. Frightened. Father entered the room, had hooves. Now the girl already knew what was going on. There was no escape. She heard only one, "Daddy, WE HAVE a new toy", then woke up among the other discarded dolls. He regretted that there had come. "Children of the devil" she thought, and after porcelain vivid little face cried with tears.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Faces from Belmez

Professor Bender was one of several detectives who did not manage to solve the riddle of the mysterious face appearing on the floor in the family home of Mr.
Pereira in Belmez, Spain. przkonany was here but that is not normal żart.Twarze photographed and shown on television and the spectators lined up in queues to make them even zobaczyć.Przeprowadzono research and audio equipment, where he found such a moaning: "I want to get out, "it hurts" and "justice". the house was later sold, but the mistery remains unsolved.