Saturday, February 12, 2011

In a hospital

apparently this has really happened in a psychiatric hospital. When the hospital was a small cottage where he lived gardener engaged in maintaining order around the hospital. One day the doctor came to the hospital, who was on duty daily. She was seventh in the morning. He expected to find in a hospital of their colleagues from work, who should finish the night shift. but he did not find them there. They do not find anyone. The interior looked like a hospital after inwazjii some creatures from outer space. for doctors in the room was empty. Rooms were also completely empty. All the shelves of medicines were overturned, glazed windows were not broken .. the doctor could not understand where the floor is so much glass, but not only returned his attention ... on the walls (only on the walls) were traces of blood ... and it looked like the wounded men could hardly looked back on the walls and not being able to find it for unknown reasons not only landed on the floor, as if collapsing under her ... There was not one dead body. The doctor somehow mastered the horror and picked up the tape. He ran from the hospital and ran to the police. There he gave testimony. Found on the tape have been recorded by someone terrified screams of patients and staff! Summoned for questioning the gardener, but claimed he had not heard and did not notice anything unusual last night around the hospital. No one will ever guess what happened in this building. People from the area suspect the gardener out loud, but they probably do not know what, because it's "work" does not seem to "work" zwyƂego mortal. Gardener has never been proven guilty, and the hospital still stands intact today.