Friday, November 26, 2010

Hunanistic Transhumanism

Transhumanism has its roots in the Enlighment era and secular humanism. Transhumanism advocates taking advantage of the worlds advances in order to make the life better for all of the mankind. Transhumanism uses the mind, science and technology to eliminate poverty, diseases, disabilities and malnutrution. Many transhumnaists monitor the potential of new technologies and innovations in order to use them to improve the general quality of life and social equality. Tranhumanism comes from the secular humanism so it takes for granted that there are no supernatural powers which could have effect on humanity.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Transhumanism is sometimes abbreviated to >H or H+. Its' somethig beyong human. Better than human. More advanced. Transhumanists want to use the technology and science to improve the human condition. Those sciences are mainly neurotechnology, biotechnology and nanotechnology. One of the first transhumanists was a Russian philosopher M. Fiodorow. He was postulating  to use the science to make the human life last longer or even to resurrect the dead. The term "transthumanism" was created by a biologist J. Huxley in 1957. Another famous transhumanist was a futurist F.M. Esfandiary, but the most recent definition has been created by a philosopher M. More.