Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Children of the devil

One evening Eva returning from school, she saw the gate. It blew a silent cooling wind roared in my ears the voice of "Come to me." "Do not go!" - I thought the girl, and turned away. She ran to the house, because the voice in his ears was getting louder and louder... When you come to the door of the house the sounds ceased. Came home. Nothing interesting happened. The dog jumped merrily wagging his tail. Ela Join now wondering what could be the voice. With curiosity, decided to go there. Ceased to be afraid but do not believe in such nonsense about ghosts... She's gone. The city was dark, take a closer look to gmachom building. She saw the words written in chalk 'DEVIL LIVES HERE. "Probably some kids wygłupiały and so have written." At this point, things have gotten brighter, the clouds is away, but in my ears heard the girl scream, screech. Numb with fear. But not giving up. She walked through the gate. She walked through the corridor, and at the end saw the exit to the garden. Heard me squeals and screams of small children at play. "And yet here is not so bad" - she thought and she went on. She saw a girl of her age-were two. Jumped, danced. One had a doll in his hand. The sad, crying. Eva for a while it seemed that the doll asks for help, but it could not be true. Girls stopped. One of them smiled. One gesture meant that Eva came to her. Now were playing together. After a short time, two girls led Eva home for dinner. Readily agreed, and when it exceeds the threshold of the house saw the piles of dolls. All the weeping, contorted. Frightened. Father entered the room, had hooves. Now the girl already knew what was going on. There was no escape. She heard only one, "Daddy, WE HAVE a new toy", then woke up among the other discarded dolls. He regretted that there had come. "Children of the devil" she thought, and after porcelain vivid little face cried with tears.