Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to control your appetite

When on a diet, bear in mind that:

- don't read or watch TV when eating meals. Reaching mechanically to the plate you eat more than you want to
- eat slowly, because the first record to satisfy the hunger signals in the brain occur 20 minutes after the start of the meal,
- do not buy groceries on an empty stomach.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anti-cellulite treatments

f, when youyou stand ,leather waist ,resembles orange peel ,a sign that appeared on cellulite . The treatment, which will help you remove it, you can do the same. Lubricate the skin, anti-cellulite preparation and wrap up from the hips to the bust with a layer of transparent, polyethylene food. Lie on the half hour and cover with a blanket. The more you repeat this treatment, the faster you get rid of orange peel.

Monday, March 21, 2011

You deserve a massage

Massage is a good and simple way to stimulate microcirculation in the skin and accelerate fat burning. Massage the waist and abdomen daily cold water with salt bath. Do this at least 5 minutes to zaróżowiła skin and warmed. Massage shower gel you can use the washing assisting weight loss, with extracts from algae, ivy and holly. After rinsing the skin with cold water, apply a slimming cream or lotion. To sculpt the waist and the skin can be used pojędrnienia also called. kneading massage. Do not make it too hard. Just grab the skin of his index finger and thumb, gently hold, pull up and leave. These moves follow from the top of the hips to the bust. In the salon you can have a massage sleeve modeling, imposed on the legs, abdomen and waist, which helps to burn fat.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ectoplasma - the name given to the pseudoscience of a hypothetical form of "dense bio-energy" emitted by living organisms. According to other non-scientific explanations, it is the material of which consist of ghosts. During the spiritualist seances "shedding" some of her media.

It has been proven that the most famous photographs showing ectoplasm is false, shown in their ectoplasm is gauze or similar material swallowed by the media before the show. There are no independent, validated scientific research proving the existence of ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm samples, independently of one another, managed to download and devoted to the analysis mikrochemicznej several researchers (Albert von Schrenck-Notzing and starring Peter Lebiedzińskiego). Schrenck-Notzing found a very large number of cells and microorganisms. In Poland in 1916, Dr. Albert Dabrowski made a similar analysis in the laboratory bacteriological Museum of Industry and Agriculture, which stated that: the main part of the ectoplasm is a protein substance, with a less visible structure of fibrous and gritty. Substance contains fat droplets, as well as admixture of leukocytes and epithelial cells, derived from the oral cavity, and a number of micro-organisms of the same origin. During sample analysis, there were no carbohydrates, sugars, and in general, and found a quantity of cotton wool and hair (dust). After a few days after placing the sample in teromastacie, then the particles posianiu peptone broth, meat broth, water and yeast with 5% sugar was found to have bactericidal properties, or even sterilization.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dermo-optical perception

Dermo-optical perception, or bio-introscopy is the alleged ability to perceive light and color through the skin. Those who declare the possession of such skills often claim that they are able to recognize colors or even read the text with your fingers on each hand.
Dermooptyka is regarded as a phenomenon on the borderline pseudoscience and parapsychology, there is no credible scientific theory, which dopuszczałaby existence of such phenomena, it has not been well demonstrated in conditions allowing the exclusion of fraud.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nostradamus on the situation in Egypt

The end of the previous year has been dominated by reports on the famous predictions of Nostradamus and Baba Wanga about the upcoming World War III. According to the quoted also on our website prophecies, at the end of 2010 had come into conflict with the local surface, which can sometimes turn into a global crisis. Although many people skeptical about going up to similar revelations drwiło of these prophecies by Nostradamus in that Baba Wanga time, there were some events that are of potential concern - the date indicated by Baba Wang, as the start time to a local conflict, which sometimes turn into a war of global proportions, exacerbated the situation in Korea, and flew over the U.S. ballistic missile of unknown origin, which was advertised in advance by the French as a Prophet, "an arc of Satan's fury. " It turns out that even the reference to the current situation in Egypt can be found in the prophecies of the French seer.