Sunday, December 26, 2010

Report from a haunted house

The household members have a strange feeling and experience a strange phenomenon ... repertoire is quite broad:-sigh-tap-a feeling someone's eyes-someone else's impression of the presence of-touch back-vanishing knives and scissors-shadow-particles of water on the floor, away from sources of water-moving object every 2-3 days heard a sigh somewhere Most in-house in the vicinity of the bedroom or kitchen tap, or sometimes throb table in the living room sometimes see wet spots on the floor-as if someone skapnela water from a cup-a problem in the fact that it also occurs in August, when no one is at home ... back, and suddenly we have a small paddle most spectacular are the shadows. usually dark, though once flashed through the room like a fog, as cigarette smoke, visible light, in a vertical form. colleague, who got the idea to visit also saw it done. yesterday I saw how thin across the corridor passing by ... one home was not a chair but me just go around-leave them turned in towards the desk or cabinet, in the morning is reversed in my page or website doors curtains sometimes they move by themselves-even with closed windows feel a strong smell of cigarette smoke, and sometimes carrion-smell is only in our house (sometimes in all areas, sometimes only one), not at the neighbors, not outside. appears and disappears after a few minutes. glasses of changing their place of our absence-but never are they shifted somewhere on the other tables only once beaten poprzesuwane plate we found, although the steel table in the middle of the worst part is how you feel the presence of someone behind him, but so persistent that it hurts, and pulls. Then sometimes a sigh is-it is always frightening and forget Turn the lights in the house this morning it is off, and no one is chosen for switches at night is not with us lunatics, and nobody moves. We live in a block, we are the first members of the household-there is not nobody died, etc. I've reviewed it once was also a priest-shining flat, but it did not help.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Futurism, the avantgarde artistic and social movement, was established in Italy in the early twentieth century. The idea of futurism was "looking into the future", rejecting the past and tradition. Futurism in it's manifesto suggested a spontaneous annihilation of the academy, libraries and museums, guilty in it's view of the maintenance and perpetuation of an outdated culture, and therefore harmful and dangerous. Futurists took possession of the full realm of aesthetics. They believed in the prophetic role of the artist, whom they regarded as the true spiritual guide and the demiurge of a new society.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What about natural living?

When thinking about transhumanism I can't help but wonder (as a famous writer Carrie Braodshaw would say:) - what about natural living? What about holistic lifestyle? Practice of traditional exercise like yoga or tai-chi? Don't we sometimes get lost in our pursuit of the future and forget about the basics?

In my opinion we should always remember about the healthy lifestyle in order to keep our brains and bodies working to its full abilities. Only then can we achieve the true progress. Since we still haven't achieved our transhumanistic goals we should lead healthy lifestyles as much a possible. So grab your yoga mat or pilates ball and enjoy your green salad for lunch. Ah, and don't forget to get enough sleep!