Thursday, January 27, 2011

Palmistry / Chiromancy

Chiromancy had it's followers were drowned, philosophers such as Aristotle (384-322 BC). Legend has passed his knowledge of Alexander the Great. Apparently Aristotle enshrined in golden letters discovered the book of Hermes chiromancką Trismegitosa and gave it to Alexander the Great. Aristotle suspected a link between the length of the lines on the palm and the length of life. If the fleshy palm, cut one or two solid lines recognized as a sign of longevity. It was then the scientific hypothesis, as part of fizjonomiki human body. Another legend Julius Caesar's voice he knew the palm reading. Apparently judged people solely on the basis of characters on hand.
There are many references to the ancient palmistry. In Germany in 1475 was the first book palmistry, called "The Art of palmistry" Joanna Von Hagen. However, it had been adopted on a larger scale until 1522.
In later centuries Palmistry was also taught at several universities in Europe. Forward for the medical, psychological and philosophical knowledge of esoteric knowledge about lines on the hand became a Christian book Schalitza. - "The superstition and fraud palmistry and physiognomy released" shown in 1703.
The peak of his popularity reached a palm reading in the nineteenth century thanks to Count Louis Hamon, who practiced Palmistry Cheiro wróżbiarską under a pseudonym. His check the predictions of 100%. He predicted the future of the hand of the then biggest celebrities, such as the English King Edward VII and Edward VIII, King Leopold of Belgium, the Russian Tsar Nicholas II, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde.