Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Candy Man

Candyman superstition says that if one stock in the mirror and decide to voice the name of Candyman feel the cold breath on his neck and will be killed. Many people did not believe... One of them was Magda 16 year old girl from the mountains of the Holy Cross. One night I made ​​an appointment with her ​​friends at her house to watch horror movies. Especially for this occasion, lent a film entitled: "Candyman. " After watching the movie midnight struck. Girls terribly afraid but not Magda. So she decided to prove to them that there is no Candyman. They went all the top home to the big old mirror in the attic. Magda stood before fellow antique and egg shaking with fear have set up starting at the stairs. Girl very probably looking at his reflection in the mirror she said with a loud voice: Candyman! Soon after, she cried again: Candyman! Without losing the cold blood once again said: Candyman!. Her colleagues began to recede slowly. Magda screamed again, Candyman!. Right after that one of my colleagues said: "You can still withdraw! Please do not do that now you believe!. But Magda mocking voice again said, Candyman!. It is in this moment of light throughout the house went out. All the girls ran screaming from the house. Just then they started to laugh and say that there was nothing to be afraid because it's really just a stupid legend, however, but of my colleagues said: Magda you were right hahahaha. But Magda did not respond. She was not with them. Terrified have thought that a friend wants to scare them. They went in single file slowly into the attic. Devoted a flashlight on a mirror. It was covered in blood and in the reflection they saw something moving behind them. Turned in a hurry and saw the noose hanging Magda with a slit throat... From that moment all the girls closed in on itself, and never again sounded a word...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At a cemetary

These notes were found in the diary of a mature pani.Ta Thing Happened on 70 years temu.A was this: In the Halloween night my parents along with my friend Miriam's parents chose to adopt the occasion of the Holy Ghost. Me and Miriam also we had plans for that night. Since then lived in kilkurodzinnej house, opposite the cemetery, we decided to just go there. Armed with a small flashlight at half past twelve we went to visit the resting place of the dead. On entering the cemetery came over me a strange feeling, but it was not a normal fear. Feeling that something bad would happen, but on the other hand, I knew that this is a great adventure. Me and Miriam krążyłyśmy around the graves. The moonlight fell on the gravestones, so that we could read what is written on them. Finally, the stroke of midnight. "What are we doing here?" I thought. And suddenly I heard played on the violin range in D minor, Chopin's funeral march. Obróciłyśmy up. Two meters in front of us stood gaunt man playing the violin, dressed in a tuxedo slightly burned. I turned my head the other way. This view was terrifying. Throughout the cemetery, hundreds of permanent form, dressed in evening clothes. But they were scary. Those were ghosts. We tried to get away from this place. Spirits were stopping us, we scratched the back, grasping hands, shouting: "Stay with us in the graves is so dark and sad .... " We managed to escape. Wbiegłyśmy to my apartment. Miriam and I did not know what to do. Bałyśmy to sleep. Leżałyśmy on the bed. Since that night, Miriam can not speak, she closed in on itself. I was then in the przeprowacki. A few months later, when I lived somewhere else came to my parents a letter from Miriam. My friend committed suicide. Now she Balujemy at midnight in a cemetery of ghosts scaring other conquerors.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mysterious flood

In a small village on Sunday when all the noble lords and ladies went to church to pray for water (in this village is a drought), and the poor peasants in search of wody.Jak as they walked through the emptiness found great help tamę.Przy ropes and opened it all major rivers flooded and the entire peasant wieś.Nie any houses could be seen only the tip of the church wystawał.Od right now as it can get through the town on Sunday and hear the bells during the week you will die.