Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nostradamus on the situation in Egypt

The end of the previous year has been dominated by reports on the famous predictions of Nostradamus and Baba Wanga about the upcoming World War III. According to the quoted also on our website prophecies, at the end of 2010 had come into conflict with the local surface, which can sometimes turn into a global crisis. Although many people skeptical about going up to similar revelations drwiƂo of these prophecies by Nostradamus in that Baba Wanga time, there were some events that are of potential concern - the date indicated by Baba Wang, as the start time to a local conflict, which sometimes turn into a war of global proportions, exacerbated the situation in Korea, and flew over the U.S. ballistic missile of unknown origin, which was advertised in advance by the French as a Prophet, "an arc of Satan's fury. " It turns out that even the reference to the current situation in Egypt can be found in the prophecies of the French seer.