Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At a cemetary

These notes were found in the diary of a mature pani.Ta Thing Happened on 70 years temu.A was this: In the Halloween night my parents along with my friend Miriam's parents chose to adopt the occasion of the Holy Ghost. Me and Miriam also we had plans for that night. Since then lived in kilkurodzinnej house, opposite the cemetery, we decided to just go there. Armed with a small flashlight at half past twelve we went to visit the resting place of the dead. On entering the cemetery came over me a strange feeling, but it was not a normal fear. Feeling that something bad would happen, but on the other hand, I knew that this is a great adventure. Me and Miriam krążyłyśmy around the graves. The moonlight fell on the gravestones, so that we could read what is written on them. Finally, the stroke of midnight. "What are we doing here?" I thought. And suddenly I heard played on the violin range in D minor, Chopin's funeral march. Obróciłyśmy up. Two meters in front of us stood gaunt man playing the violin, dressed in a tuxedo slightly burned. I turned my head the other way. This view was terrifying. Throughout the cemetery, hundreds of permanent form, dressed in evening clothes. But they were scary. Those were ghosts. We tried to get away from this place. Spirits were stopping us, we scratched the back, grasping hands, shouting: "Stay with us in the graves is so dark and sad .... " We managed to escape. Wbiegłyśmy to my apartment. Miriam and I did not know what to do. Bałyśmy to sleep. Leżałyśmy on the bed. Since that night, Miriam can not speak, she closed in on itself. I was then in the przeprowacki. A few months later, when I lived somewhere else came to my parents a letter from Miriam. My friend committed suicide. Now she Balujemy at midnight in a cemetery of ghosts scaring other conquerors.