Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee fortune telling

Preparation of coffee

Normally preparing coffee, is not likely to lumps in the bottom of the cup, why I'll tell you how to make coffee. Boil water. Use the same amount of coffee as always. Measure 1 teaspoon of coffee per 6 tablespoons boiling water, it should be a ratio of 1 / 6. This coffee is not very tasty, but better it will be read. Pour the coffee into a cup, the majority of tea leaves settle on the bottom, you can normally add sugar and milk into the cup.

Drinking coffee

When you have reached the bottom of the state, please try not to drink the tea leaves and leave them alone, do not mix. Drink as much coffee as you can in order to be themselves and not drink coffee grounds.


Larger rituals are not needed. Some rotating cup three times in the right direction. Then you lay hands on the cup and should be denounced request.


The focus should be, close your eyes and think about this dream or question. If the tea leaves augur you a fortune teller, you must pass through him, his thoughts and questions.